Кaroll’s Corporate Library Hosted a Special BNI Event

Karoll Capital Management hosted BNI’s celebration of BGN 25 million turnover between its members. The event took place at Karoll’s corporate library - a landmark of the company. Karroll Capital’s CEO, Daniel Ganev stated that the reason for joining the organization was precisely the firm’s philosophy coincinding with that of BNI: Givers Gain - gain by helping others profit.

As an asset management company we profit only when our customers are satisfied and profitable said Mr. Ganev. In his speech to BNI members he paid particular attention to Karoll’s corporate library. This is a very special place for us, located right between Bulgaria’s scientific epicenter (Sofia University ‘s faculties of Mathematics, IT, Chemistry, Biology) on the one hand, and the country’s spiritual center - the Seminary, on the other hand.

In this energy-charged place, among the most important business books and originals of great Bulgarian artists, Karoll Capital strives to foster financial literacy in young people, help them improve their living standards by managing their finances early in their career, to secure their income and health upon retiremet.

Here, Karoll Capital was the first Bulgarian company to sign the UN principles of responsible investing.

This is where the partnership with the investment giant Schroders was launched, changing the country’s financial landscape with 200+ global funds and 200 years of history.

Here, the most enterprising scientists, with world-renowned achievements in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, technology – compete today for doctoral fellowships with their innovative projects.

Last year, the final press conference of the inspirational mountaineer Boyan Petrov took place, whom Karoll supported in his most challenging and, sadly, last expedition.

Placing his book here in the library, Boyan bequeath the message: 'Be brave, be truly alive, set bold goals and climb peaks!' concluded Daniel Ganev.

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